Copyright Justice

Living with Respect: A Theology of Copyright” is one step in our journey towards creating the beloved community. This statement supports the “Copyright Guide for Congregations” and reflects the United Church’s Call to “deep spirituality, bold discipleship, and daring justice.”

Scriptural themes of love, justice, and care for community (including seeking the common good of all) inform this statement on a theology of copyright. We seek to find culturally appropriate ways to honour the source(s) and communities who created the materials we use, whether through financial or other means.

At a minimum, we recommend that all bodies of the church adhere to the following practices toward a commitment to copyright justice, deepening just relationships and building the beloved community:

  1. Follow all legal requirements around intellectual property laws.
  2. Attempt to deepen relationships.
  3. Work towards reparation, restoration, and right relations.
  4. Seek justice and equity at all times.