Living with Respect: A Theology of Copyright

“We recognize that historically legal systems to protect creators have arisen primarily in the Euro-North Atlantic and primarily for the benefit of white Euro-North Americans.”

From More Voices

“Because we celebrate the image of God in all people and cultures, it is important to acknowledge the origins and creators of hymns and songs and to pay people royalties for their work. As with More Voices, we note that questions of copyright are a justice issue; remuneration for copying needs to get as close to the source as possible. We are aware that dominant culture voices in the Global North have used and abused the cultural treasures of people from the Global South and those marginalized in the Global North. We pledge to work against this reality. We wish to iterate ways to ensure copyright here.”

From the theo-ethical framework for Then Let Us Sing!

Working with ONE LICENCE, we are happy to acknowledge that AACC (All Africa Conference of Churches) and FUMEC ALC (Federación Universal de Movimientos Estudiantiles Cristianos en América Latina y el Carib) will be active partners with us for Then Let Us Sing! as we live into the understanding of the act of solidarity in the mission to redistribute royalties with them.

The hymns that are part of these partnerships:

  • More Voices 33, “Jesus Came Bringing Hope” (Cameroon)
  • More Voices 45, “You Are Holy” (South Africa)
  • More Voices 66, “Senzeni Na?” (South Africa)
  • More Voices 99, “Stand, O Stand Firm” (Cameroon)
  • More Voices 188, “Thank You, Thank You Jesus” (East Africa)

Arrangement Copyright © 2022 AACC administered by The United Church of Canada

  • More Voices 36, “Glory to God” (Peru)
  • More Voices 52, “Alleluia” (Uruguay)

Arrangement Copyright © 2022 FUMEC ALC administered by The United Church of Canada